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Watch warranty



This warranty covers the operating mechanism of your watch and only for the period from the date of initial purchase. In case of repair, it must be accompanied by the guarantee (proof of purchase), which will necessarily bear the seller's stamp, code and the date of purchase of the watch.

The WARRANTY does not cover damage or damage caused by the fault of the customer-buyer on the outer parts of the watch (crystal, case, strap, bracelet) and its battery.

* DOES NOT COVER damage caused by misuse of the watch due to lack of attention, accident or ordinary wear, intervention by an unauthorized person, as well as water damage.

* CAUTION: The watch remains tight only when its crown is properly screwed or properly fastened. Otherwise moisture enters the case or mechanism of the watch and the damage caused as a result is not covered by this warranty. Chronographs and the crown should not be used in water.

* Gold-plated watches with yellow or pink gold may show discoloration after using perfumes and cosmetics directly on their surface.

* The date should not be set during the period from 21:00 to 2:00, as it may cause serious damage to the clock mechanism, which is not covered by its warranty

* The CUSTOMER bears transpotation costs to and from the COMPANY

*  We inform you that is not responsible in case of loss or destruction of the product during the transfer of the return



The waterproofing of the watch concerns the use of water at natural temperature and not hot, because the hot water damages the watches of the watch, as a result of which moisture penetrates inside, causing corrosion in the mechanism and the guarantee does not cover you.

indicator waterresistance



3bar ή 3ATM ή 30m ή 99FT

Suitable for daily use. Resistant to splashes, raindrops, sweat.

Not suitable for showering, swimming, diving, fishing or any work related to water.

5bar ή 5ATM ή 50m ή 165FT

Suitable for hand washing, cold water shower, heavy rain, river rafting, fishing and water related work.

Not suitable for water pressure swimming and diving

10bar ή 10ATM ή 100m ή 330FT

Suitable for hand washing, showering, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and simple water sports.

Not suitable for diving

20bar ή 20ATM ή 200m ή 660FT

Suitable for professional sailing, marine work and freediving.

Suitable for diving

Diver’s 10bar ή 10ATM ή 100m ή 330FT

They cover the minimum ISO standards, free diving at shallow depths where the use of Sun (gas) is not necessary.

Usually Diver's 100m and Diver's 150m on older watches Without the special marking

Diver’s 20bar ή 20ATM ή 200m ή 660FT

Suitable for freediving at depths where the use of Sun (gas) is not required.

Typical category of modern dive watches

Diver’s 300+ helium safe

Suitable for deep dives, where the use of Helio (gas) is required.

Watches designed for diving using Helios mixture are specially marked.


 Attention: No Watch Is Waterproof In Hot Water.

Attention: All Smart Watch With Ip65 - Ip67 - Ip68 Certification Are Not Suitable For Swimming Or Shower. (Suitable For Dust And Accidental Contact With Water)